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Our servers are adult owned and operated by life long gamers with long careers in the technology industry. Our modded servers are configured to reduce grind and allow players to focus on PvP and raiding.

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Our server operations are automated by our own custom software. We utilize a mix of paid and custom private plugins that are unique to our servers. We use only high quality hosts and run our servers on dedicated hardware to ensure top performance and minimal lag. All server hosting costs are covered out of pocket and significant time and energy has been invested in server automation and the custom well-balanced mods that our players enjoy.

Your donations help keep our servers online. Thanks for playing on our servers!

Server Design Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a fast-paced but well balanced Rust gameplay experience for players seeking an escape from the harsh grind of vanilla Rust. Our donation packages offer added convenience and unique capabilities on our servers but are balanced to ensure that non-donators can remain competitive against opponents with VIP status.